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Le Bistro Kitchen Nightmares

Find out what Gordon Ramsay saw at Le Bistro, and what has transpired since Gordon’s departure. We are a hood cleaning operation, and we often find ourselves in kitchen disasters. These stories intrigue us.La Bistro Kitchen Nightmare 15

Episode Recap

Le Bistro aired in March 2010. It was an episode of Kitchen Nightmares season 3, episode 6.

Gordon asks Andy for his signature dishes to be prepared instead of ordering off the menu.

Gordon visits Andy afterward, and tells Andy that the food was too old-fashioned. It is stuck in 1980s style and is very sad.

Gordon later observes how the dinner service is run and notices that Andy doesn’t allow the waiters to take orders.

One hour in, and just a few orders have left our kitchen. Fast forward an hour and the food is back.

Andy resists the customers’ feedback and refuses corrections asking them to choose another dish from the menu.

Andy defends his system by arguing that since he’s the only one to cook and one to take orders, it slows down enough for him be able to keep up.

Andy defends himself and says, “Are your looking for naked women dancing on the table? They were very grateful.

The group meets again the next day to view the new sign on the outside, and to open the interior space after the booths are removed.

Gordon and Andy worked side by side on the new menu, which they presented to the delights the staff.

Andy wasn’t responsive, but now he is more open to communication and Hendrick is supporting his efforts.

La Bistro Kitchen Nightmare 10Revisiting Le Bistro Kitchen Nightmares

Andy has made a significant improvement in his appearance. He is less tired and stressed. Gordon asks Andy for a surprise lunch and Gordon says it was delicious.

This could be an example of stubbornness being a good quality. Gordon was able to remove the barriers and convince Andy to embrace change, but it took him a while. Maybe it was because of his stubbornness that he has stuck with it, unlike some owners.

It was nice to actually see someone get up and do something, rather than just pretending it. It happened so quickly and without any usual disasters. It could have been worse if he was simply running his business, treating his employees (and wife) poorly, and delegating authority in a terrible way. His problem was not laziness. He didn’t let that stop him making the necessary adjustments.

The Comment Section

“Folks. What matters is that Andy’s house is still open. We would close this place if he was anything like he was. Something has changed…give him that. It doesn’t matter whether he’s commenting or not. Being “open” speaks for all us consumers. It must be a pleasure to eat and drink. Only $0.02 worth.

The man was able transform his business and make it a success. Here are a few photos of their lowest points. We, sitting on the other side, have the right and perceived freedom to judge a man and his character. Preposterous. This is ridiculous. I don’t know the man personally, nor does anyone else who is commenting on him, his company, or his wife. Even if we did, I doubt we would be able to assess the complexity of their marital relationship based on a 40-minute TV docudrama. While one might be able to discredit Ramsey’s personality/persona on-air, it is absurd to make any other sweeping statements than the ones that are available based on limited information.

“Genuinely surprised that this one is still open. Andy would most likely choose to cook from another’s recipe than go back to his old menu, which I assumed was the case.La Bistro Kitchen Nightmare 9

“His wife was a goddess, and he’s a jerk. But he did turn the business around after being hit over the head (figuratively).

“Truly one of the greatest chef transformations from Gordon’s kitchen nightmare. Your transformation from an angry Andy to a relaxed, stubborn chef (on a bright note: learning and sharing knowledge is a positive). Kudos for your success! Bravo to your team, and your wife! God bless you and your family!

“Frankly speaking, I believe that the poor man was depressed from the beginning and was already blaming his own actions. That’s how most men feel. While he may not be perfect, he is a real man who can accept – eventually – that change was necessary. His wife knows him more than anyone and didn’t leave. I was happy to see the result and it’s great that the place is still operational. He clearly had good hygiene in his kitchen. These shows are new to me because I have never seen them on TV. You know there are places that are not going to succeed. However, this man is a hard worker. I wish they success for as many years as they’re in business.

“It is no surprise that the country is in such disarray after I read some of the ignorant comments made by some of you reality-show shrinks. He doesn’t respect his customers, his spouse, or his staff. He is not stubborn. Gordon brought him down from his pompous bully status. He was a bully, a jerk, and a bully.”

Le Bistro still remains open 7 years after the filming. This is enough proof to indicate Andy does not post comments on this site. Ramsay helped him to build a very successful company.

“WOW Le Bistro remains open today with 4 stars on Yelp! Fantastic! Gordon Ramsay’s leadership helped Andy change his attitude and make his restaurant a huge success. “Keep up your great job and a happy New Year 2019,!”

“This episode is an excellent example of editing magic. Andy is a stubborn chef and won’t listen. He changes directions suddenly, apparently for no apparent reason. He was probably not as stubborn as people thought. Ramsay’s criticism could have been mixed with unrelated comments to make it seem like Andy didn’t care. Maybe he disagreed with some of GR’s criticisms. But, even if he were truly as he was in the beginning, then the sudden transformation is not understandable, especially considering that there was nothing to be explained. The restaurant is doing very well and I am glad it is open, which is unusual with Kitchen Nightmares.

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