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There is nothing more important than regularly maintaining and replacing your hood filters. Hood filters or grease baffle filters are specially designed to remove the grease vapors from the air before they get into the exhaust hood ducts. Keeping up to date with services is the best way to avoid kitchen fires. You can count on LOS ANGELES HOOD CLEANING for all your hood filter needs in the entire Southern California area.


A hood filter is a metal square insert that fits into the opening of the ventilation system. The purpose of a hood filter is to filter out grease from smoke. If your hood filters are non-existent or past due for a change, your chances for a fire get worse every day.


You should clean your filters at least daily. This will extend the life of your filters as well as maximize there effectiveness. A clogged filter is a useless filter, trust us. LOS ANGELES HOOD CLEANING recommends cleaning your hood filters in the dishwasher unless you have aluminum filters, or galvanized hood filters because they could get damaged in the dishwasher.

If you can't dishwasher them, they must be washed by hand which can take long and be tedious, but this is necessary requirement to avoid health inspection grievances or worse, a fire.


You should be avidly inspecting and noting the state of your hood filters. How does it look? How does it sound? Hire us at LA HOOD CLEANING and we will explain exactly in a simple manner how to spot warning signs on your own. You need to know how to look out for dented and/or corroded hood filters. If your hood filter needs a replacement or a cleaning, or you think you are over your head in how to spot problems, you should call us. We are professionals with a goal of teaching you an easy system to do these things on your own.


If you've been in the business for a while, you'd probably realize how much harder it is to keep up with regulations in the modern world. Avoid the headaches... Avoid the accidents... Avoid the regrets... GIVE US A CALL!

LA HOOD CLEANING offers the best deals in the area on filters. Our technicians can measure, replace, or install new hood filters or new grease baffle filters.We have every major(as well as hard to find) filters for all types of hood systems. It is strongly recommended to use stainless steel filters. We carry filters to fit all brands of commercial hoods and we can offer them to you at a great price.

This is our passion. With our help, your business can thrive like never before. LA HOOD CLEANING can address all of your commercial kitchen cleaning needs. We provide a full inspection from cook-top, to roof-top and everything in between. As well as offer a step by step prevention guide for you that can turn maintaining your hood system as your favorite chore of the day.

We offer the latest and greatest systems created through our years of experience. We are by far the most experienced restaurant maintenance company in all of California. If you ever need palm tree trimming, contact our friends at Orange County Palm Tree Pros.

LA HOOD CLEANING proudly serves Southern California for exhaust hood filters and is fully insured, bonded, certified and licensed.

Give us a call at (310) 340-6232 to discuss your needs and we will schedule an appointment to visit your location. Get ready to work with the best restaurant hood cleaning service in Los Angeles and most of Southern California, including Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.

CLICK-2-CALL (310) 340-6232

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