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hood cleaning five star review

Our restaurant has been using the services of LA Hood Cleaning Pros for many years now. They have been professional and reliable...easy to get a hold of and flexible with our schedule. They do a good job cleaning our exhaust system and cleaning up after each job.

Marcella Alexander
Kitchen Manager
Los Angeles

hood cleaning five star review

We've had various issues with hood cleaners in the past; with leaving the kitchen a mess, water on floors, hood not polished, and even parts of the vents not getting cleaned. We decided to give LA Hood Cleaning Pros a chance. The crew showed up on time, worked diligently, and were very thorough. Upon examination of the system when they were done, we were extremely surprised at how great of a job they did. They left behind no mess, they removed all the grease hidden in areas difficult to inspect, and provided us with before and after pictures of all the work they did.

We were so impressed that we highly recommend them to anybody, as we will be using them from here on.

Marcia Dean
Restaurant Owner
Los Angeles

hood cleaning five star review

Thank goodness for LA Hood Cleaning. They came in and gave us a reasonable quote to clean the hoods in our restaurant and were able to schedule us up within the next two days. We are now on their calendar to have our restaurant hoods cleaned every three months.

Randy Hughes
Restaurant Owner
Los Angeles

hood cleaning five star review

We had used another company originally, but this company is much better. They did a better job in cleaning, the value makes it unbeatable. We'll be using them in our other Restaurants as well.

Warren Rund
Restaurant Owner
El Segundo

hood cleaning five star review

LA Hood Cleaning Pros is one of the best hood cleaning companies to work with. I've worked with them for years and never have any complaints. This company does an amazing job cleaning and really goes the extra mile to make sure the job is properly done. They are reliable, professional and communicate very well with us. If I ever have a problem with my system I give them a call and someone always comes out to help. No doubt they are the best company for all your hood cleaning needs.

Kari Garza
Restaurant Owner
Santa Monica

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LA HOOD CLEANING is the standard of hood kitchen cleaning. By choosing L.A. HOOD CLEANING in Los Angeles, CA, you’ll be getting the best kitchen equipment cleaning service in the Los Angeles area. We outshine the competition by performing a thorough inspection of your kitchen hood system and creating a system of preventative measures.

Grease fires are one of the most common types of fires among restaurants. Thing can happen. The kitchen gets busy. Grease buildup can be easily overlooked. Our technicians are certified kitchen exhaust system cleaners and are knowledgeable. Our team can inspect the unseen areas of your kitchen exhaust system and determine, neutralize and have kitchen exhaust system cleaning for any possible fire hazards. We will educate you of this and explain a step by step plan of preventative measures to take in the future. Then we will address the situation.

We take our work very seriously here at LA HOOD CLEANING. No inch of your system will go uncleaned all in accordance with NFPA Standard-96 and kitchen hood system health department regulations. We will evaluate the entire system inside and out. Including the exhaust fan on the roof and all the duct work in between. Any kitchen cleaning needs you have you can count on us in the LA area and farther. Including about all of Southern California such as Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.

We take are job seriously here at LA HOOD CLEANING. We maintain a tidy appearance, and we know how important that it is that everyone remain safe and everything maintains in working condition. We understand these businesses are your livelihood. Appearance is everything. You can also check our About page to learn more about our company.


How do you know when it’s time to get the Los Angeles, CA restaurant hood cleaning service cleaned or checked out?

According to state standards requirements stand that a commercial kitchen has their hood system cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Better safe than sorry is the key to life. There are telltale signs of when you can tell it is time for a cleaning.

  • Visible grease residue that cannot be scrubbed off with general cleaning methods
  • A strong, noticeable grease odor is coming from the hood or duct work
  • A rattling of the exhaust fan
  • You can’t remember the last time it was professionally cleaned
  • (if you happen to see it) the roof shows grease stains
  • You notice any dents on your hood system

While some of these symptoms may seem minor, they can be the warning signs of a grease fire or other potential hazards. Grease on a rooftop will quickly deteriorate a roof. You may have leaks and a caving in roof before you even realize what happened. Not only does grease build up present the risk of fire or building corrosion, but it also attracts unwanted pests and odors. It is of the utmost importance that a professional grade cleaning is done before tragedy strikes.

LA HOOD CLEANING is by far the most respected company and most used company in Los Angeles, CA for hood cleaning services.

Fire marshals, insurance companies, and health inspectors have strict commercial kitchen cleaning & restaurant hood cleaning service requirements. As a general rule, restaurant managers should have a professional kitchen cleaning service come in at least every 90 days. However, every restaurant is different, and if you’re looking for an accurate commercial kitchen cleaning schedule requirement, consult your insurance company or your local board of health.

For professional-grade hood cleaning in Los Angeles, CA, a step-by-step preventative plan, and for an expert-level complete restaurant or business cleaning, there is no better choice than LA HOOD CLEANING.

Give us a call at (310) 340-6232 or visit our Contact page to discuss your needs and we will schedule an appointment to visit your Los Angeles, CA location. Get ready to work with the best restaurant hood cleaning service in Los Angeles and most of Southern California, including Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.

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