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Are You In Need Of A Professional Exhaust Hood System For Your Commercial Kitchen? You’re In Luck!

Los Angeles Hood Cleaning differentiates from other similar companies by coordinating full cleaning jobs from every corner to the roof of your building. Fans are always included during your kitchen cleaning jobs with us. We clean from your fan on the roof , through the ducts, all the way to your kitchen exhaust hood. We also check your hood filters or grease baffle filters, as well as the interior and those hard to reach spots of your exhaust hood.

Our cleaners at Los Angeles Hood Cleaning are properly trained, certified, and qualified to give full inspections of your exhaust system following the codes and guidelines of the NFPA Standard-96. They examine and do a thorough cleaning job of the entire system from the start of the duct all the way to the roof. They also take photos to show you any issues you might have from the kitchen exhaust system, ductwork, and rooftop. This will help you understand what we really do on a full cleanup and will give you the confidence that you’re in good hands. Our way of cleaning is followed by everyone of our team members as a standard and we meet every guideline when we finish a job. You won’t find a better and higher standard of hood cleaning in Los Angeles. Don’t wait any longer for your exhaust system to deteriorate and corrode, call Los Angeles Hood Cleaning so we can show you how much grease and residue we get rid of from your exhaust system.

How We Started…

Well it starts off when I was a kid and my parents were divorced. My father was in Atlanta at the time and my mother in Los Angeles. This wasn’t bad until I became a teenager and then I wanted a job. I wouldn’t be able to get one since I was always traveling back and forth between cities. I told my friend’s father one day and he gave me a chance to work with his hood cleaning business anytime I was in Atlanta. That’s when I began a passion for helping restaurant businesses.

I worked on the hood cleaning crew for many months and I began meeting the owners of these same restaurants and I really enjoyed their company. Next time I was in Los Angeles, I looked for a hood cleaning company to work for in the area.

While I was attending classes at USC, I continued cleaning kitchen hoods and found a gentlemen that was burnt out from working long hours. I pitched him to let me manage his teams and I tripled his revenue, but I felt as if there wasn’t enough incentive for me to continue.

Eventually, I opened up the best hood cleaning company in Los Angeles with one of my big goals being to give my rockstar team an incentive to push their limits. I wanted my crew to treat the clients the best possible way and now my small idea grew into the best restaurant cleaning business in Los Angeles.

I really hope that I can prove to you that I want to earn your trust and work on improving your business. I want to be the biggest hood cleaning business to eventually branch out of Los Angeles. I’m only going to hit my milestones if we continue to do solid work and get you to love our work and your new kitchen after we’re done with it.

Give Los Angeles Hood Cleaning a call or visit our Contact page so we can give you the best service and show you how we do it!

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