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How to Clean a Commercial Griddle

Hood Cleaning LACleaning a griddle properly can extend the life of your commercial griddle, and help you keep it in good condition.

LA Hood Cleaning technicians have spent years perfecting their kitchen cleaning techniques. We are sharing with you our best commercial griddle tips.

How to Clean a Restaurant Grill

There are many different ways to clean a grilled surface. These methods vary depending on the type of griddle and its needs.

1. Vinegar Cleaning Method

A vinegar solution can be used to clean a griddle. This method involves filling a spray can with a 1:1 vinegar-water mixture. Spray the vinegar solution on the grid and then wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

2. Commercial Griddle Cleaner

Get a griddle cleaning product from your local shop (e.g. Scotch Brite’s cleaning solutions for griddles (e.g. Stera-Sheen griddle surface cleaner or Scotch Brite griddle cleaning packs) and follow the labeled instructions. For this method to be most effective, you will likely need a cloth or griddle cleaning pads.

3. How to Clean Rust off a Commercial Griddle

A grill stone (or steel wool sponge), oil and paper towels are all you need to get the rust off your commercial gridiron.

Apply the oil on the rusty grill griddle. Then, use your grill stones to scrub the surface. Use your paper towels to wipe away any oil. Repeat the process until you are able to remove all traces of rust from your grid.

Get Professional Kitchen-Cleaning Help

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